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NVidia GeForce 7800 GS (ver. 191.­07 WHQL) MICROSOFT CAB SELF-EXTRACTING wydane 2009.10.05.

Plik pobrany 0 razy i obejrzany 168 razy.

Kategoria Karty graficzne
Marka NVidia
Urządzenie GeForce 7800 GS
Systemy operacyjne Windows XP 64-bit
Wersja 191.­07 WHQL
Rozmiar pliku 123.65 Mb
Wydany 2009.10.05
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International version.­ Adds support for OpenGL 3.­2 for GeForce 8,­ 9,­ 100,­ and 200-series GPUs and ION GPUs.­ Accelerates performance in several gaming applications.­ The following are examples of improvements measured with version 191.­07 drivers vs.­ version 190.­62 drivers (results will vary depending on your GPU,­ system configuration,­ and game settings): Up to 12%­ performance increase in ARMA 2 Up to 8%­ performance increase in Batman: Arkham Asylum with GPU PhysX enabled Up to 50%­ performance increase in Call of Juarez: Blood in Bound with SLI enabled Up to 14%­ performance increase in Fallout 3 (indoor scenes) with antialiasing enabled Up to 10%­ performance increase in Far Cry 2 (DX9 version) with antialiasing enabled Up to 34%­ performance increase in Prototype with antialiasing enabled Adds SLI support for Aion,­ Darkfall,­ Dawn of Magic 2: Time of Shadows,­ Dreamkiller,­ Fuel,­ Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim,­ Need for Speed: Shift and more.­ Includes numerous bug fixes,­ including the following key fix (additional bug fixes can be found in the release notes on the documentation tab): For graphics cards supporting multiple clock states,­ 3D clocks correctly return to 2D clocks after exiting a 3D application.­

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